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ActionScript Basics part 1

23 November 2010 One Comment
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ActionScript 3.0 is a powerful, object-oriented programming language that signifies an important step in the evolution of the capabilities of the Flash Player runtime.

ActionScript is executed by the ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM) built into the Flash Player.


Basics of ActionScript includes Statements, Variables and Data types

A ActionScript statement is the most basic piece of ActionScript – which will represent a single action or step in the script that you are building. Many statements will represent a script, and they will always run from top to bottom, similar to how you read a book.

ActionScript Basics

Example Statement:

trace( “Say Hello World: ActionScript” );

Note: Select an empty frame in layer and Press F9 to open ActionScript editor and paste the above code. Ctrl and Enter to run the code.

Trace is an output statement which runs only in design mode.

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