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How to become a Webmaster

17 December 2010 No Comment
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To become a webmaster need to learn some of the basic tools and programing languages like HTML, CSS, DreamWeaver, FLASH, User Interface, UI design, Accessibility.

Webmaster Courses and Classes Overview

Webmasters plan, design, build, maintain and edit websites.To become a webmaster, it may be useful to enroll in a webmaster certificate program. These programs are offered by technical schools, community colleges and universities both in the classroom and online and may take from four months to a full year to complete.

Basic Website Design Course

Introductory-level Web skills should start out with a basic website design course. The important Web concepts, such as identifying the site’s audience, planning site navigation, choosing colors and fonts for a site and laying out text and graphics.

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Building Websites with HTML and XHTML Course

HTML is usually the first Web programming language that future webmasters learn. The basic classes introduce concepts like what makes up an HTML tag, how to use HTML tags to create a website and how to format a website with HTML or XHTML.

An HTML class might progress to more advanced concepts, like creating systems for collecting data about website users, using HTML to create an image map and using FTP. Finally, the most advanced concepts include creating animations, implementing multimedia and employing XML. Some programs break these classes up into different levels.

Advanced Programming Languages Course

After mastering X/HTML, students learn more advanced programming languages, including Perl, JavaScript, AJAX and PHP.

Dreamweaver Course
Webmaster programs offer courses in software that professional website creators often use, including Flash, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. An introductory level course in Dreamweaver is often mandatory. This class is taken early on in the program but after students have learned the basics of HTML.

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