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Learn Flex 4 in a week – Flex Video Training

9 December 2010 No Comment
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Day by day the Flex Community is growing and the requirement for Flex is growing.

Adobe Flex used as Front end tool for Java, .net and SharePoint too.

Learn Adobe Flex

Adobe Flex Video Tutorials

Adobe.com has posted Adobe Flex Video Tutorials in a week.

Flex in a Week requirements

  • Prerequisite knowledge
  • Basic programming concepts, processes, and constructs
  • XML, HTML, and CS

This training course will help you understand how you can leverage the opensource Flex framework to build RIAs. To make it easier to learn Flex, we will use the Eclipse based Flash Builder 4 development tool (formerly Flex Builder) which includes the Flex framework and provides features such as intelligent coding, interactive step-through debugging, and visual design of the user layout.

Adobe Flex Video Training


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