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Google Doodles | OCT 2011 Cool Logos

2 November 2011 No Comment
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Below are the Logos appeared on the Google search engine for the month of October 2011. We are listing some of the logos here.

China National Day – (China, Hong Kong)

China National Day - (China, Hong Kong)

Reunification Day – (Germany)

Reunification Day - (Germany)

Croatia Independence Day – (Croatia)

Croatia Independence Day - (Croatia)

Hangul Proclamation Day – (South Korea)

Hangul Proclamation Day - (South Korea)

Uganda Independence Day – (Uganda)

Uganda Independence Day - (Uganda)

Art Clokey’s 90th Birthday – (Global)

Art Clokey's 90th Birthday - (Global)

Mary Blair’s 100th Birthday – (Global)

Mary Blair's 100th Birthday - (Global)

Argentina Elections – (Argentina)

Argentina Elections - (Argentina)

Austrian National Day – (Austria)

Austrian National Day - (Austria)

Turkish National Day – (Turkey)

Turkish National Day - (Turkey)



Above are some of the GOOGLE logos of Independence Day, Birth Day, Election, Halloween, National day.

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