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14 December 2011 No Comment
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CSS3 border allows you to change the look of a css element. CSS border is one of the widely used css property. With CSS3 border property you can specify border style, color and width of a CSS element border.

In this article we are going to discuss CSS3 border property and how to change border color, width and style.

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CSS3 Border Compatibility:

All the browsers support css3 border.

css3 border


Topics covered:

  • border-style
  • border-color
  • border-width

Let’s discus each of the css3 border property in detail.

CSS3 Border-style:

Every side of a css element border like border-top-style , border-right-style, border-bottom-style, border-left-style can be styled individually. There are different

Type of border style available in css3 are listed below.

  • none
  • hidden
  • dotted
  • dashed
  • solid
  • double
  • dot-dash
  • dot-dot-dash
  • wave
  • groove
  • ridge
  • inset
  • outset


css3 border styles

[ CSS3 border styles ]

Example of css3 border-style:


Note: There is no way to control the spacing between dots or dashes.

css3 simple dashed border

[ simple css3 dashed border demo ]

CSS3 Border-color:

border-color attribute is to set the color of the border. It can be either hexadecimal value, or RGBA, or Color names like Red, Green, Blue..

Note: we need to set the border-style before using border-color property.

Example of css3 border-color:


css3 border color

[ css3 border color demo ]

CSS3 Border-width:

border-width is to control width of the border, measured in px.

Example of css3 border-width:


CSS3 border all together:

	border:dashed 7px #0099FF;
	-moz-border-radius-topleft: 6px;

CSS3 border radius:

we have discussed CSS3 rounder border seperately. follow the link to article css3 border radius.


In this basic article we have discussed how to control the css3 border property.

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