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MP3 Cutter online tool to cut songs | MP3 converter

22 April 2012 2 Comments
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Recently we have launched mp3 cutter online tool to edit or cut mp3 songs online, This is completely free tool for any number of times. Also includes mp3 converter to wav and ogg formats.

mp3 cutter

Mp3 cutter Features:

  • No need to upload the song
  • Less or no download time
  • Easy to select the song portion
  • Help feature included
  • Available online
  • simple and free utility


  • Flash player version greater than 10

Link to : mp3 cutter

Convert mp3 to wav

mp3 to wav converter

Convert mp3 audio files to wav format files online. I can assure this is very fast and need no upload of the song. MP3 To WAV Converter is designed for converting MP3 to WAV without upload. Input mp3 audio file by selecting it from your hard disk and then select the “save wav file” to converting mp3 to wav.

Link to : mp3 to wav converter

Convert mp3 to ogg

mp3 to ogg converter

Convert your MP3 audio files to OGG (Vorbis) audio format. mp3 to ogg converter is a versatile audio converter allowing you to convert between mp3 format audio files to Ogg formats with user-friendly interface. The conversion speed is quickly and the output audio have high audio quality.

Ogg Vorbis now serves as an excellent alternative to patented formats.

Link to : mp3 to ogg converter


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  • Slavomir Durej

    nice work, just tested the mp3 cutter. However, there are few issues.. When you cut out something it doesn’t retain it’s ID3 tag metadata, but what worse also it’s audio data bitrate. So when I cut out mp3 encoded with 224 kpbs, the cutout plays in 128 kbs and sounds considerably worse :( nSo your tagline : “Cut MP3 files without losing its quality” doesn’t really apply unfortunately..

  • Anonymous

    Sure will do that… Retaining nID3 tags.nBit rate