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London 2012 football game in Google Doodle + HTML5

10 August 2012 No Comment
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Google debuted an interactive hurdles doodle on Tuesday, followed by basketball, then slalom canoe and now followed by football. Today( Friday ) on Google Doodle you can play football game.

play google-football-game-2012

Controls to Play Google football game

Keyboard Control:
You can use the left and right arrow keys to move the goalkeeper in the corresponding directions and press the spacebar key to make him jump to save goals.

Mouse Control:
Alternately you can make use of the mouse to move the goalkeeper and press the left or right mouse button to make the goalkeeper jump.

There is no limitation of time and the game continues till three goals are scored, following which the score is displayed on the board.

The score can also be shared on Google’s social networking service Google Plus.

Play football game in Google Doodle now


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