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as3 Remove all children from Display Object

14 September 2012 No Comment
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In this article we will see how to remove all the children from a display object. This will be useful when we need to remove all the Movieclip or sprite from a parent Container.


Basic Users

Remove all children from Display Object

In this article we are going to use the following properties of method.

  • numChildren
  • removeChildAt( )

numChildren in AS3

numChildren is a public method available for all DisplayObjects in as3 which gives you the count, number of child objects inside the parent object.

Suppose there are 3 sprites inside the parent MovieClip named containerMC then we can count the number of sprites inside the containerMC by

trace("Children Count: "+containerMC.numChildren)


Children Count: 3

removeChildAt() in AS3

Removes the children at given depth, depth we pass as argument.



Above code removes the children at depth “0″ from parentContainer.

Note: In as3 if we remove an child object from middle of display object then the depth will be rearranged itself.

AS3 Remove all children

while( container.numChildren > 0 )
container.removeChildAt( 0 );

Above code removes all the children from the parent container until there is no child left.


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