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They call me an absolute techie.  I dig anything to do with Flash and Flex. I currently work as a Senior Flash developer in Fortune 10 Company, in Bangalore. Although I work as a Flash developer, I have garnered expertise in Flex, AIR and basics of PHP, CSS.

I am formally trained in C programming and in tune with the basics of OOPS Concepts. I also try to keep myself updated, on any new developments in the field.

Right from my college days, I was always interested in analytical problem solving and logical reasoning and hence, the choice as taking C programming as a profession came naturally to me.

I started my career as Flash Animator after completing my graduation.

The inspiration to launch this Web Site came from my need to share knowledge, findings and to gather feedback from likeminded people

I started the website Designscripting [dot ]com, to share my creativity and experience via posts on the latest in pioneer design and logic of the scripting language. Since time is of the essence to all those in our fraternity, I tend to deliver logic of the coding to improve your design and application.

I am constantly working to make this Web site interesting, useful, and accurate. But, time and again you may find certain errors. If you find a bug or a broken link please feel free to share it with me. It will help me to improve the site.

For any suggestions and feedback, please e-mail: designscripting[ at ]gmail[ dot ]com
Website I use:

Flex india community (google group)

Contact Information:

Email: designscripting[at]gmail[dot]com
City: Bangalore
Country: India.

  • Kanti Singh

    i work in flex and new in flash.
    I am using swfloader to load external swf file and want to access the textarea content of that loaded swf in flex variable.
    I have .fla file of loaded swf from that i know the id of the textarea
    and trying to acces but iis not working.
    please help…

    Kanti Sigh

  • Rich

    I saw ur site and found it very informative. I am a flash designer and programming with as3 for about 2 years. I am wondering if you have any experience in slider components with dial/knob controls?

  • manju

    i love to enjoy this new social network wanna more detailshow to create here account….?

  • Sharath Kumbar

    Hi Saravanan,nnThis is sharath here… we have a requirment of pulling the data from sharepoint 2007 from flex. we have used your created library for achiving the same. But we are facing problem here. we have created huge data of list in sharepoint. Now when we are calling getList function it is not returning the complete XML. some of the rows are missing… Please help us on this…

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sharath,nnCheck with the setting of no of row limit in default view..nn-sara

  • Designscripting

    Checkout this linknnhttp://www.designscripting.com/2011/05/as3-volume-control-knob-flash-sound-actionscript/