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To become a webmaster need to learn some of the basic tools and programing languages like HTML, CSS, DreamWeaver, FLASH, User Interface, UI design, Accessibility.
Webmaster Courses and Classes Overview
Webmasters plan, design, build, maintain and edit websites.To become a webmaster, it may be useful to enroll in a webmaster certificate program. These programs are offered by technical schools, community colleges and universities both in the classroom and online and may take from four months to a full year to complete.
Basic Website Design Course
Introductory-level Web skills should start out with a basic …

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What is Accessibility?
Now Adobe flash is one of the widest technologies used on web to create RIAs (Rich Internet Applications).
Accessibility involves two key issues: first, how users with disabilities access electronic information, and second, how web content designers and developers enable web pages to function with assistive devices used by individuals with disabilities.
More about Accessibility
Accessibility policies vary from country to country, but most countries, including the European Union, have adopted standards based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
Accessibility standards help designers and …