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Try catch stament in actionscript used when an exceptional error accours. This article deals with when and how to use Try catch statement in actionscript 3.0 – Flash.
In this article we are going to cover the following topics.

try/catch Statement in actionscript 3
Basic try/catch Statement Syntax
Throwing Exceptions in Actionscript
Finally in Actionscript 3

Previous article about actionscript basics part 6
The below example code are used in Actionscript 3.0
try/catch Statement in actionscript 3
The try/catch statement encloses some code and is used to handle errors and exceptions that might occur in that code. Exceptions …

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Adobe Flash CS5 demo created by me Last week and the client want it by quicktime(.mov) file format to upload it in youtube video. So I downloaded and installed quicktime and tried to export..
The exporting of quicktime from adobe flash cs5 worked worked fine… and the exported video works good.
Problem with quicktime sound export from Flash CS5:
I noticed while playing the video in quicktime player, the sound could not be hear. I thought there might be problem with the export. Then I realized the sound is flash is attached by …

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flash player download or adobe flash player download can be done in the adobe website. Flash player is the virtual machine that executes the byte code generated by Flash authoring environment. Adobe Flash player is a stand alone piece of code which executes the SWF files generated by Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex and other open source Flash authoring tools.
Requirements for flash player download and Install:
· Processor: Intel Pentium II 450MHz, AMD Athlon 600MHz or faster processor (or equivalent)
· Memory: 128MB of RAM
· Graphics memory: 128MB of graphics memory
· Internet Explorer …

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Adobe Flash actionscript code or Adobe Flex code can be compiled and distributed as SWC files. To add that custom functionality in the Flash or Flex projects we develop the distributed SWC files should be included in the respective project.
Lets see how to add/include a SWC file in Adobe Flash CS5 authoring tool. By adding the SWC files makes the compiled code with in the SWC will be available for compiler AVM(Actionscript virtual machine), AVM is just like JVM – term well know by Java Developers.
To Add or Include …

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To simulate / test a project with preloader created in Flash authoring environment, means to test and see how preloader works in the particular project, then follow the steps below in Adobe Flash CS5 or lower version Adobe Flash CS4.
Animated Flash/Flex Circle Preloader sample

Download the Flash animated preloader source file

In Flash Authoring Tool – Adobe Flash cs5
- Create a New Flash Project or CTRL + N.
- Import a Image into Stage, if Image is added into library drag it to stage or CTRL + R.
- Press Ctrl + Enter or …